We have compiled a list of questions that have been frequently asked by our customers. It is our goal to provide a high quality product with customer satisfaction.
This list will continue to be updated as we find out exactly what our customers are curious about before making a purchase with us.


1. Can we send tobacco to other countries?

Yes, we can send to all countries. The cost is dependent on the weight. We ship your goods from Germany.
Shipping within Germany is 5 euros.
Shipping for other countries via COD (cash on delivery) costs 12 euros, depending on the weight.

Estimated shipping cost:

  • 10 KG to Germany costs 6,50€ / COD: 15,00€,
  • 10KG to Spain costs 16,00€ / COD: 20,00€, + 1KG (+ cost 0.95€)
  • 10KG to Portugal costs 16,00€ / COD: 20,00€, + 1KG (+ cost 0.95€)
  • Delivery in 2 – 3 days to germany
  • Delivery in 5 – 7 to others countries.

2. Are your tobacco leaves “Certified Organic”?

We have a phytosanitary certificate is a document confirming the health condition of plants, plant products or objects exported or re-exported to third countries, and the rules for its issuance have been specified in Polish and international law, with particular reference to the recipient countries’ regulations. The issue of a phytosanitary certificate depends on the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country specified for the exported or re-exported assortment.

3. Do you sell tobacco seeds?

We only sell tobacco leaves of the highest quality. We believe that focusing on one product assortment affects the delivered quality.

4.Is it normal that I find dirt in my leaves?

Tobacco is an agricultural commodity, just like fruits, vegetables, rice, seeds, and grains. Every leaf is unique, and some have discolorations, holes, spots, dirt, and other naturally occurring issues. All of these things are common, and to be expected when working with a whole leaf. Even sorted fruits and vegetables that may have less desirable. You can cut around those pieces, wash them off or discard them completely. While we do not have to do it, we have to do it, we have to do it, such as these.

5. Do you have Wholesale Pricing?

Absolutely! We offer wholesale larger quantities. Contact us to get wholesale prices.

6.Do you have promotions?

Yes! See our current promotions here and remember to visit us on Instagram or Facebook to see our upcoming promotions and information.



If you have a question that’s not currently on this list, feel free to contact us! We always love to hear from our customers.