African Virginia Bright

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This is a product from the 2022 harvest
Product has a good smell but doesn't look very good
May have a diathesis on the leaf

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A tobacco leaf from Africa is characterized by its delicate taste and unique aroma, achieved through a careful drying process. These leaves usually have a gold-orange color, which is the result of the drying process, and are wavy with a long, narrow shape.

Tobacco leaves from Africa are usually hand-harvested, allowing for selection of the best specimens. They are then dried, often on special strings, to preserve their natural taste and aroma. This process ensures the high quality of the leaves.

Tobacco leaves from Africa are an important agricultural product that contributes to the economic development of many countries in the region. However, it should be noted that smoking tobacco is harmful to health and should be avoided or completely stopped.

This is not a tobacco product This is a agricultural product! 100% natural dried tobacco leaf. A holder of the certificate “Phytosanitary certificate” granted by Government of Moldova. The variety of this leaf is one of the most popular on the market. It is a high-quality product. Its flavor is perfect while aroma unique. It has been classified as a light tobacco since it turns gold and orange when being dried.

The main purpose of ITC International Tobacco Gmbh is to distribute raw tobacco leaves in retail. Our tobacco leaves are 100% organic. Every plant is cultivated without the use of harmful substances, preservatives or additives. Our products come from ecological farms located in such countries as Albania, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia. Thanks to adherence to top standards throughout the cultivation process, we can guarantee well-selected and high-quality tobacco leaves. Our offer includes three types of tobacco leaves:
1. Virginia
2. Burley
3. Oriental
A distinctive feature of each leaf is a unique flavor and special fragrance.


The raw tobacco is not a tobacco product. Tobacco leaves or raw tobacco are in the tax sense not as tobacco but as an agricultural product and must therefore not be evidenced by the tobacco tax.
Only when you cut or process these into cigarette tobacco / tobacco will you have to pay tax on the agricultural product tobacco.
Please note the tobacco tax law:

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    Ich wurde ├╝berrascht, guter Tabak. Empfehlenswert!

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